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My Story

I do not claim to be a prophet, nor claim that everything shared on this site is absolute truth as I am a man and do err. I do believe however that Yahuah our Redeemer, Creator of Heaven and Earth, has gifted me with knowledge and understanding of His Word, Scripture. And I also believe that He wants me to share this, because the truth of Scripture is very different from the deceptions being taught by world religion. And His people are being destroyed by lack of knowledge (Hs 4:6).

We are told that Satan has authority over all the kingdoms of the world, and that he deceives the whole world (Lk 4:6, Rv. 12:9). And there is no greater means to do this than through world religion (Mystery Babylon). Therefore, it is necessary that you know the Creator, Yahuah, and His Messiah, Yahusha, who came in His name (Jn 5:43), through His Word alone. Because there is no other name by which we can be saved (Ac 4:12).

I also do not claim to be above anyone in any way. I, like everyone else, am a sinner. Nearly 2 years ago I almost lost my life falling 8 stories. But by a miracle, Yahuah saved me. I have been trying to change and rid myself of my sins ever since that accident. I still struggle though. We all have our areas that we struggle with and many of us are weak, myself included. But we need to overcome. And we must stay firm in our belief that those sins which we are unable to overcome will be cleansed by His sacrifice for us.

Since my accident, my Heavenly Father has shown me through His Word, the truth of His nature. He alone is Elohim, and He is One, not three (Mk 12:29, Gal 3:20, Deut 6:4). And Yahusha is His Son, not a form of Himself as religion teaches.

Proclaiming His truth has not been easy. I was severely attacked 2 years ago I believe for trying to do so, and am still being to this day. But people need to know who our Messiah, the Anointed King, the Son of Elohim not Elohim Himself, really is. That is the purpose of this site.